All About Us

We Really Love Diving

Established in 1967 (we're not sensitive about our age) The Dive Shop is located in Calgary, AB, nestled amongst the Rocky Mountains. About as land-locked as you can get, but with so many amazing diving opportunities if you know where to go.

We are a PADI Five Star IDC Training Facility, PADI Freediving Training facility, service center, and retail therapy retreat (that last one is a bit of a joke - but not really - we have an awesome selection of gear).

If you're looking for snorkel lessons, to get certified, get into local diving, travel, freediving, or join the dark side as a dive professional - we would be excited to have you join us. Our instructional team is out diving and freediving on the regular (yes, even in wetsuits under ice), and we are lucky to have such knowledgeable people on our team.

All About UsWe strive to be the shop we would want to hang out at. Our approach is to train our divers to focus on safe diving practices, keep diving, get them into the right gear and be the ultimate enablers for the local water-loving community.

What we believe in:

The Right Training: The right training for your goals. We care about why you want to dive, how we can get you there, and ensuring your training is thorough.
The Right Gear: The right gear for what you need, even if that means recommending something we can't get.
The Right Environment: All types of diving can be intimidating. We pride ourselves on fostering a culture of psychological safety, meaning we welcome anyone of any ability, and there is no such thing as a dumb question. We're all here to get in the water. No ego.
The Right Amount of fun: The point is to get out there and dive, not sit in the pool all day. Our team is always out diving and exploring, and we believe in putting our divers in their path so they get out there too.

About Our Facility

PADI Free DiverIt's pretty handy having your own pool. Oh, did we not mention that? We have our own on-site training pool. Kept nice and warm, it has a sloping bottom with a small drop-off that makes it perfect for training (and general in-water fun).

What you'll find on our pool deck:

  • Regulators, BCD's, air tanks, weights
  • Masks, snorkels, fins
  • Full-face snorkelling masks, travel snorkel fins
  • Snorkelling vests
  • Pool noodles and awesome toys
  • Freediving games and lines

You won't find swimsuits and towels. That's on you.
Call The Dive Shop at 403-243-4616 to inquire further.